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    I work as a learning support assistant for children with special needs in a mainstream school. I am wanting to move to New Zealand and am wondering if there are learning support assistant jobs available in New Zealand. What are the wages like?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi, Welcome to the forum.

    This is just my experience but special needs assistants in mainstream schools make minimum wage and need no formal education.
    This may not be true in all cases.

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    My daughter is a SN assistant. I understand there is a system of SEN
    assessment etc and jobs in that sector attract extra allowances - but still not great. Its often a case of getting your face known and making contacts which makes it more difficult for a newcomer.
    My daughter is very happy in her job but certainly earns her money
    Good Luck!

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    I work in a mainstream primary school, in the office - and we have several TAs. The school is given a certain amount of money for general teacher aiding, e.g. literacy groups. Then we apply for funding for specific kids, which is mostly behavioural issues rather than special ed. We only have one properly SEN kid (the funding source is called ORS).

    The TAs don't have to be qualified as such, but they do get an allowance on top of their normally hourly rate for relevant qualifications (anything from 20-60c per hour from memory, depending on whether it's a certificate, diploma or degree). Most are started off at quite a low rate (around $16), which generally goes up every year, but those who obviously have experience can start at a higher rate ($18 or so) at the principal's discretion. You can also get an additional allowance for having a valid first aid certificate (35c per hour I think), if performing first aid is likely to be part of your position.

    As far as getting the jobs goes.. we haven't really advertised them tbh, and I don't often see them in the paper unless it's a specialist need. They tend to be either have kids at the school, know someone who knows someone/word of mouth, or happened to drop a CV in at the right time. I can tell you that right now we could do with another TA due to additional behavioural support funding coming in, but you may be a little far away )

    The government here has just announced that they're closing most of the residential colleges in the South Island at least, which means that more mainstream schools will need to manage and fund kids with various needs. There are also "health camps" where kids with certain problems get respite from school and parents too; they're looking up the barrel of increased demand though, now that the colleges are under attack - but they could probably do with a experienced SEN TA too! And of course there are a few non-mainstream schools for children with particular needs, e.g. deafness.

    I hope some of that helps...

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    Am am brand new to the forum. My boyfriend and I are hoping to get working visas for 6 months - two years, Im a qualified Primary school teacher (not yet completed my NQT year). I was wondering what my chances are for getting work within a primary school? I'd much rather find work thats relevant to my qualification, so teaching assistant or anything really! I know there are agencies, but I'm unsure how my quaification translates (BA HONS Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status).

    Any help or advice would be lovely!


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    Probably the first thing to get your head round is NZ teacher registration.

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