Hi guys,

As you can see from my siggy below i've gotten back my passport with blue sticker! Yahooooo....ok back to the question i wanted to ask. You see i am from Malaysia and since i have a blue visa, it's time to update my resume so i can apply for a job in NZ offshore. The problem is, how do i update my resume the best way to tell the head hunter in NZ or the employer that i have a valid working permit in NZ? Do i just put a line that says: "I have NZ residency visa"?

Or should i say "Status to work and live in NZ: Residency visa"?

I am not sure the best way to state my current NZ residency status. I am afraid if i just put a line only, they might miss that line and thinking i am applying with out a permit. You know how they read resume for like 30sec to 2 mins only. Should i say in the beginning of the resume or towards the ending?

What is the best way you guys think? Please do share with me your experience to send in resume via offshore.