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Thread: Cost of Living Per month for a student??

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    Exclamation Cost of Living Per month for a student??

    Hey Guys.. I'll be immigrating to Whangarei (Northland) this month or probably next month..i am all worried about the Cost of living being a student i'll have not too much to spend..i'll be living at my school and will be paying them $480 a month and as they told me All utilities are included, apart from food, linens and internet. and Internet access can be arranged for you for NZ$20 per month as told by the institution (i don't think personally that internet wil be this cheap)

    So what do you guys think i'll spend here in a month on Groceries and other non avoidable expenses!

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    Well linen is a one off purchase. But food... it really depends on what kind of things you buy. It's probably best to just see how it goes in the first few weeks and then adjust your costs accordingly.

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    I spend $1100 per month for 2 adults, 2 hungry kids (6/8) and 1 large Labrador. But we eat out only 1 time per week and take lunch most days to work. Pak n Save are the cheapest and if you use local market and groders you will also save some money. That amount includes soap, laundry soap etc and we eat healthily but large amounts!
    $480 is cheap considering our rent alone (when we are renting 3 months ago) was $435 weekly for 4 bed, 2 bath home. Linen etc can be bought from Briscoes or Warehouse, only shop Briscoes when they have a sale.(often)
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