I seem to remember that at least one person here was living on Waiheke. I'm hoping to get some views on what it is like to live there?

My husband will be working at the university of auckland (which as I recall is close to downtown) if we do end up in Auckland at all. Is Waiheke a reasonable commute? I know the island is big, so how far we are from the ferry would make a difference in the commute time. He would be taking the bus too.

Also, I'm wondering about the water issue? Everyone catches water off their roof for drinking and everything else? Is that right?

We have preschool age kids, so anything anyone might know about the schools would be great.

We spent a day on the island during our visit and I thought it was heavenly- but I'm not much of a big city person, so that is why I'm attracted to living there instead of one of the 'burbs.

Thanks very much