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Thread: LF: House for Rent - Wellington Area

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    We are family of 4, 2 adults (non-smoker), 1 child (6) and 1 infant looking for a place to rent along Wellington Area. We will be in Wellington on Nov 18, 2012, we can make arrangement on the reservation fee if required.

    Budget: $400/Week Max
    Bedroom: 2 or 3
    Fully Furnished/Semi-Furnished preferred but not required (Whitewares included)
    Near Primary School is preferred.
    Good Insulations
    10 to 20 Mins Bus ride to Lambton Quay is ok.

    If you have any house, townhouse, or apartment to rent for long term leasing. Please PM me and I will reply to you ASAP.


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    I assume you are also looking on Trade Me? Most, if not all, rentals are advertised there.

    You can't technically have a Trade Me account, and therefore get the contact details of landlords until you are physically in NZ, however they will set you one up if you email them and explain you are moving and need to be able to contact landlords in advance to find somewhere to live - they have just set one up for me on this basis.

    I am an avid watcher of the Wellington rental market as we will need somewhere from 1 November when our time in our holiday house runs out. There are 2-3 bedrooms for $400 a week advertised on Trade Me - however I am not sure that there are many as close to Lambton Quay as you want - for instance there are quite a few that seem to come up in Karori and that may take a little longer on the bus to Lambton Quay at busy times. If you check out Trans Metro's website you can look at bus routes and how long it takes to the centre from different suburbs - that may help you narrow down where to look on Trade Me. If you are willing to use the train you shouldn't have any problem finding places in Johnsonville - it's really not a long train ride but I can't remember right now how long, I don't think it's more than 20 minutes.

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    As Lauralocks says, TradeMe is your best friend. There are a lot of places that fall into that 20-minute commute that should be affordable. Karori is easily within that. I would also suggest Newtown, Kelburn (although this is probably out of price range), Ngaio, Haitaitai, Lyall Bay (may be on the edge of the 20 mins), or, as Lauralocks says, Jville is also a good option and apparently very family friendly.

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    261 listings in Wellington, 2 - 3 bedrooms, max of $400 / week. Happy hunting!

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