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Oz probably could take more migrants - hence the points rise. Nz struggles to fill it's places - hence the points drop.
When we applied in 2001 you only needed (I think) about 50 points.

I'm sure that you will agree that this means that NZ has had to INCREASE its points requirement radically over the past couple of years to keep hoards of migrants from applying to live in Godzone.

Of course the points system in those days was very different from what it is today. The current system is relatively new and was adopted (I believe) alongside new rules on the standard of English required from prospective new kiwis, so a moving of the bar upwards and downwards whilst the impact of the various aspects of the new system is felt is hardly unexpected. All it shows is that when they changed the rules they asked for more pears than you used to have to have lemons to get in. But they misjudged the value of a pear so are having to change that number to get it right. If anyone fiddles with the immigration rules post-election this will also necessitate an adjustment in the number of pears you have to have - or they may scrap pears altogether and ask you how many peaches you can bring to the party.

All of which has no bearing on the number of apples the aussies need before they will let people into the West Island. Or on whether in the short term they decide that their apples are under- or over-valued.