Today's NZ herald showed the following comparison of average weekly full-time earnings : AP=all people M=males F=females
OZ - $1059.70 (AP), $1136.70 (M), $906.30 (F)
NZ - $801.89 (AP), $895.71 (M), $696.96 (F)

Here are the information on tax rates and house prices in OZ and NZ :

OZ tax rate

NZ tax rate

Some of the house prices in OZ

From today's NZ herald, the house prices in Auckland

My thoughts................

I brought up this topic because a few days ago, there is an Aussie MP who mentioned that OZ labour rates are very high and he would like to see it lower to NZ rates.

I felt that NZ labour rates are too low. I would prefer NZ labour rate move up and OZ labour rate move down, so that both side meet in the middle.

Having said that, there is still the issue of affordability. This year, Mercer HR Consulting ranked the most expensive cities to live in Australiasia : Sydney is no.20, Auckland is no.69 and Wellington is no.76.

Utimately, comparision across the tasman is always challenging. I think the decision to live either in OZ or NZ depends very much on the lifestyle that you want.