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Thread: Health Insurace for Non resident/visa less than 2 years

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    Default Health Insurace for Non resident/visa less than 2 years

    Hi Everyone!

    I just moved to NZ from AUS and I will be here for about 1 year. I just discovered that my holiday working visa doesn't give me any health cover, neither the 12 months work visa I will apply for though my Australian partner or being a partner of a NZ resident. (Quite unhappy about this as I was fully covered in Australia! - anyway)

    I am start looking at different options for my health cover and after being rejected from several health insurance company, I've found one, Accuro, that covers non-residents. The main problem, though, is that I have a small condition that requires specialist visits and test on a 6 month basis, which will not be covered anyway (even if forking out $90 a month!) cause is a pre-existing condition. Not even a normal doctor visit will be covered.

    Do you guys knows of any other company out there that covers non-residents? What would it be my best bet?

    Thank you!

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    If it helps, there was a review of insurers in 'Consumer' magazine some time back. They covered which policies are best as per age, pre-existing conditions, income and such. You can find the back issues of the magazine in any public library.

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    Hello and welcome.

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