Hello I'm moving to Kohi soon with my family and we have started our eldest at school and I'm now looking for a good preschool/daycare (not sure of the correct one yet) for our 3 year old. Can anyone recommend somewhere?

My slight difficulty at the moment is I don't have a job and don't know what kind of hours I will be doing when I find work but I'm guessing most employers would want a full day (9-5) at least out of me. I plan to work 3 days but won't know this for sure until I start testing the water which I plan to do in the new year after summer holidays.

I thought it would be good for him to go a couple of days a week anyway until I start work even just for a morning or afternoon session.

So far I've been told to look at Kindecare on Melanesia Road, Bears Park and ASB. I really like the look of ASB but it's only open til 4.30 which could cause problems if I'm working longer than that.

Any advice gratefully received!