Hi all,

If anyone would like an informal chat about their estate planning arrangements, then please contact me.

This subject is very easily overlooked when your focus is on other matters, dealing with the various demands that emigration brings, but please give it 5 minutes of your time and ask yourselves, if you shuffled off tomorrow, are you confident your affairs are in order? Any change in your family or financial situation merits a review of your Will.

If you have ANY assets worldwide, or you anticipate receipt of an inheritance, you should ensure you have a current and valid Will which is appropriate to that jurisdiction, otherwise you can be leaving much more than your worldly goods for your loved ones to resolve! I'm happy to carry out a free review of your existing Will and to provide a quote should you require an update.

Wills are not maudlin, they simply give you an opportunity to formalise your wishes and to provide instructions for the people you leave behind, at a time when they will appreciate direction. Astute estate planning can also protect your assets throughout your lifetime and provide a shield against claims from third parties, such as ex-partners, creditors and even the government, when the time comes to claim means-tested benefits such as the residential care subsidy.

Enquiries are completely confidential, so feel free to PM me.