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    Default planning for settlement


    can anyone pls. tell me-

    A) What plans do you have to help you and your partner settle in New Zealand as new skilled migrant?

    B) What community activities or groups have you thought about joining in NZ after arrival?

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    I'm not sure anyone can tell you as it will depend greatly on what your personal and family interests are when you arrive.

    For us, we have friends to help us figure out all the logistical details of a new country, we also plan to get involved in the local community through volunteer opportunities and childrens' school activities. Additionally, I was already a member of the New Zealand chapter of my professional organization and I'll be getting heavily involved in their monthly activities. BUT all of those answers are unique to my family and the plans we made to help us settle when we decided on the migration. They likely don't apply well to others.

    I think the point of these questions is to ensure you've thought about the issues new immigrants face and have realistic expectations and plans for coping. My family's plans for settling and community groups likely won't mean anything to you. I would start with what you're interested in and what's important to you and search for groups of like-minded individuals in New Zealand.

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    Have a look at the support offered by 'Settlement Services' for the area you are planning on moving to -

    There is also a website that lists volunteer opportunities around the country:

    I joined a local coffee group run by the local 'migrant centre' and also joined a choir, took up a new hobby & did some volunteer work. I also made a few friends through this forum whom I meet for coffee, when we can.

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