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Thread: Week One of North Island Reccie...Orewa

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    Default Week One of North Island Reccie...Orewa

    Hi ALL,

    We flew from LHR with Singapore Airlines, they were great, very attentive on the flight with drinks etc and food was good. We were in cattle class and for the paid the extra legroom-excellent choice for only 32GBP each leg.We are a family of four - with 2 teenage daughters !

    Transistion through AKL Customs was smooth, although no fanfare as they stamped our passports and we became NZ residents!

    We rang the Car hire company up to pick us up and take us to their pickup area, they arrived in 4 minutes.We had booked with Ace Rentals, a SuperSaver Car, these are all more than 7 years old and have done a minimum of 160k,mainly Japanese. The car has been outstanding so far,its a Mitsibishi Lancer auto saloon...39days hire for $585 NZD...Bargain.

    For our first week we were stopping just outside of Orewa , 40mins North of AKL .First impressions are good,this is our first trip to NZ and we came with an open mind and baited breathe!.
    Orewa would be a Seaside town in the UK and thats were any similarity ends.Its peaceful,clean , a stunning 3K of white beach with nobody on it, an abundance of public loos and no gangs of stag or hen parties.
    With have shopped at Pak n Save,New World and Countdown.Our favourite is Pak n Save so far.Prices are similar to UK, its only the meat that appears expensive although there are always deals on.

    We drove to Devonport and caught the Ferry over to Downtown AKL, did the tourist bit around the Harbour, pleasantly suprised with the price of a glass of wine and a meal..consistant with the prices you would pay in a large UK City.
    AKL is very definately multi-cultural, all sorts of shopping and food is on offer and seems to cater for any bugdet.Later in the week we visited Ponsonbury and Newmarket, the wife and 2 daughter were really impressed with these shopping areas, very trendy although a little pricey if paying full price.

    House pricing is the same as in UK...Location is everything here.We have drove up north as far as Whangarei,all the distances are easily managed....there is a distinct lack of cars on the road ! and nobody seems to be going anywhere once you leave the town..Majority of folk stick to the 100K limit and the Police seem to be every where.

    Any way, so far so good, infact very impressed.
    Must say that the TV is awful, I know that its a long way to travel and then complain about whats on the box but it really is dire with adverts every 10mins...Moan over.

    We are on to Rotorua next for a week and then Napier, Otaki and finally Wellington.I will keep you posted , however not all our accommadation has WI-FI, so they may be out of sync a little.Feel free to ask questions.

    Having Fun
    Nick & Jue

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    good wee update, with two teenagers ourselves would be really keen to hear what the girls think of NZ, Orewa is lovely but think my eldest would find it a little too quiet

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    Enjoy the rest of your recce!

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    [QUOTE=gingerdingo;464454]Hi ALL,

    Orewa would be a Seaside town in the UK and thats were any similarity ends.Its peaceful,clean , a stunning 3K of white beach with nobody on it, an abundance of public loos and no gangs of stag or hen parties./QUOTE]

    We live in Orewa!! It's beautiful, isn't it? We're renting and would love to buy here but property is expensive, as it's one of the rare flat places around. Let me know if you fancy a coffee!

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    Not sure I'd agree on the meat - I've always found it cheaper and better quality compared to the UK. Only exception are for rare meats (e.g. Ostrich, Kangaroo)

    Especially steaks - quality higher, price cheaper, bargain.

    I think each to their own re. NZ seaside towns. Ones I've been to everywhere tend to be clean, relaxed, comfortable and pleasant places to go. And would be a nice place to visit.

    However, what they are is deathly dull. Booked 3 days in Akaroa once and was bored after 3hrs. Reminds me of trips to Frinton on Sea as a youngster. Lovely, clean, relaxed place. But dull. Miss the fair, arcades, go karts, and all the trappings of a visit to the seaside!

    I know you don't want Falaraki or Lanzarote with hundreds of sub standard bars and restaurants serving drunken British Chavs, but a bit of entertainment always good.

    Incidentally, you get used to the TV very quickly. Most if not all quality from the UK filters down to NZ, and at least the main channels aren't filled with celebrity pandering/reality TV rubbish which filled UK TV before I went. And as for the ads, it varies - on PHOLs I think there aren't any at all, always good....

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    Have a great time!

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    Glad to hear you are having a great time.

    Goes without saying that we are very jealous, though we have our trip booked for next June so not really that long to wait now

    PS. you do get used to the TV.

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