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Thread: 2 year work permit expires in Jan 2013, still waiting for PR, should I apply further work permit?

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    Question 2 year work permit expires in Jan 2013, still waiting for PR, should I apply further work permit?

    Hi Guys,

    thank you for answering my queries, I notice that some members (Like JandM) are very knowledable and providing the best solutions for free, I really appreciate it.

    I studied in Nz, and have been working as ICT sales rep since 2 years in a reputed telecommunication company. I am on 2 years closed work permit. My visa is expiring in Jan 2013. I got 2 questions.
    1) I submitted my documents for my residency in May 2012, My CO was assigned in August 2012, only thing he asked from me is repeating my medical test, which came normal (Hep C test). After that, he didn't ask me for any documents, When I asked him my status, he advised me that he already made his recommnadation on my application, and now it is waiting for 2nd person check. My question is : is it a positive sign?

    2) My visa is expiring in Jan 2012, Should I apply further work permit? I applied my PR as ICT sales Rep but I was offered a position as branch manager(Same employer) (Store Manager in a dealer telecommunication company store). I am working as standing manager at the moment as I don't want to distrub immigration process so I will take the role officially once I get my PR. Should I first apply for VOC (Variation of conditions) or for just the work permit extensiton on same job role (ICT sales rep)?
    Thank you,

    EOI submitted : 23 Dec 2011
    EOI Selected : 11 Jan 2012
    ITA lodged : 10 Feb 2012
    ITA submitted : 2 May 2012
    1st Query :28 June 2012 (From SMC team wellington has asked the pay slips and bank statements for 6 months, IRD report last 12 months, repeat
    LFT and Hep C, & organisational chart )
    1st Query submitted:22 July 2012 ) )
    CO Assigned :13 August 2012 (Advised that he will do the assessment in few weeks)
    Quesry from CO : 6 Sep 2012 Got a letter from CO, advised to do Hep C (2nd Query submitted:14 Sep 2012)
    Got a confirmation from CO on 19 Sep 2012, that the results for blood test has been referred to the medical assessor
    8th November : Awaiting for 2nd person check

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    It sounds as though your situation could be the same as with many others, whose Residence application is not hurried through by INZ when they are on a work visa - 'What's the rush? He's here and legal and making a living,' seems to sum up the attitude. For many such people, a message to the CO pointing out that the work visa is about to expire within a few weeks, so do they need to renew the work visa if the Residence won't be through in time, seems to bring a quick reaction and a blue sticker in their passport.

    It's only quite recently that we are hearing about long delays for the 2nd person check, so it's not possible to guess whether that particular bottleneck would be allowed to force an applicant, whose Residence is pending, to renew a work visa. ???

    Thanks for your kind words. As ever, not a solution from me, but memory of what others have said and done, or what's in the regulations.

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    Enforcing what JandM said; contact your CO asap and explain about the visa expiring and ask them what the best course of action.

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