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    This is not a pity party post, but I feel like a bit of background justifies sharing the links I found to help with homesickness:

    It's right at the two month mark for me, and after dropping my girlfriend off at the airport to head to Melbourne for a week for work, I got home and felt this really weird wave of nausea wash over me. I wasn't really sick, per se, but I felt terrible and had no appetite. And then, while moving some pictures of home around, I felt like I could cry, but didn't really know why. It's really strange, since I'm excited to be here and love all of the things we've done and people we've met so far...but it continued through the week and turned into some pretty frightening symptoms of wanting to curl up in bed and avoid people, eat too much sugar and drink way too much alcohol, and a strong need to talk to people from home any way possible.

    Save the details, I'm usually pretty independent, and moved away for college promptly at 18 with no trouble that I recall. I've moved across a couple of states in the US for jobs without much trouble at all...but this time, not having even my girlfriend around really sacked me hard. It caught me so offguard, and I had only ever seen it in other people on trips away, that I really didn't understand what it was at all.

    So through a haze of agoraphobia and occasional tears I started doing research online into homesickness. There are a lot of stories on the ENZ forums about it, but not really a lot of resources or fact/advice lists. The first link was my usual, wikipedia:

    ...and from there, I did a lot of other reading on college websites like this one(local to NZ):

    Lastly, I found this guy's good advice and wrote the list down below for reference:

    1. Homesickness is a normal phenomenon.
    2. Meet new people from Day 1
    3. Turn off the internet/computer links to home more often.
    4. Make local friends(see #1)
    5. Leave long-term relationships behind
    6. Bring a few momentos from home with you.
    7. Treat yourself to something you want or really like.
    8. Don't have a pity party.
    9. Set priorities/goals for your time abroad and focus on them.
    10. Plan a trip for visitors, to show them around your new country.
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