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Thread: Post grad Diplomas or Certificates without Undergraduate degree?

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    Default Post grad Diplomas or Certificates without Undergraduate degree?


    I have three qualifications, 2 of which have been PAR assessed at level 8 post graduate diplomas and another one at level 6 but at 50, rather than 40 points. One is a DMS from a UK University, one is a DBA from a UK University, and the third is Diploma from the UK equivalent of NZICA. None are now on the list of exempt qualifications, although they were until comparatively recently.

    All have gone off for IQA, together with transcripts or syllabus.

    What I'm slightly concerned about is a reference I found in the EOI guidance, that in order to claim the points for a post grad qualification you must also give evidence of your first degree.

    I do not have a first (undergraduate) degree, my entry onto the courses was allowed due to demonstrating a level of experience in senior positions in an asssoiciated field in lieu of a degree and I did the study, exams, etc and passed.

    My job offfer only requires a tertiary qualification in an associated field. It does not require registration. And my claim for 10 years relevant experience in a comparable market is well evidenced. I am not claiming additional points for LTSS/ISS.

    Is there anything to worry about here? I have 145 points with job offer of which 50 points are for qualifications.

    Thanks for any contributions
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