Hi all,

So after exhausting all options for jobs in my professional field, I have decided to start a career in security (its a sad decision actually)

For that, i am going for a Certificate of Approval (COA) from Ministry of Justice which is a requirement for all security related roles. But it is not mentioned anywhere on Ministry of Justice website whether there is a training required for crowd controller and property guard role. The application form walks me through all details without clarifying anywhere what will be the outcome if I don't have any training in this field. I don't want to apply without confirming this as it has $220 non-refundable fee. I tried contacting some security companies for this information but they (as with all other employers) don't talk with employment seekers for more than 5 seconds, if they talk at all

Does anyone here know if there is a training required for COA in crowd controller and property guard categories?