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Thread: Any recommendations for Driving lessons??

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    Default Any recommendations for Driving lessons??


    I am looking for some help in finding a good tutor for taking up driving lessons in Auckland city. Any recommendations for me? I have a Indian driving license and need to get my NZ drivers license.

    BTW, Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year 2013.
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    I've been using A1 Driving School for the last four months or so - I've probably had about 25 hours of lessons, which might seem excessive but it was at my insistence not the driving school's. I've started from scratch here in NZ - I had a UK Learner's Licence for 20 years, but never bothered getting my full licence as I lived in London and had good public transport...and taxis - but I'm comfortable enough that I'm going to be sitting my restricted test at the end of the month (eek!) and I've covered over 3000kms in the last few months, just driving at weekends.



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    Hey. I had some lessons off a guy named Peter through PassRite. He was relaxed and didn't pressure me to have lots and lots of lessons like my previous instructor (North Shore Driving School).

    I've also seen good things about Alert Driving School. The guy, Victor, seems to help a lot of people in your situation from overseas get NZ licences.

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