hey guys....
so a bit of background. we went to nz in 06 and loved it. we want to move there as we are sick of this country. my parents are 48and 58. im 18. my dad isa qualified IT engineer.with comptia qualifications. hes worked for ibm as a sub contractor for 2 years. my mum has done admin and supermarket work. I habe business and it qualifications and currently work in customer services in a major library. ideally we would all move together. I currently have 7 thousand pounds in savings and we are due another 10 to 15 thousand in compensation from an accident my mum had at work. so ideally we will have 20k gbp to play with.

we would like to go to whangarei however pretty much anywhere north island is good. we would look at putting a years deposit on a house and most likely grt a mortgage once we all have jobs. is 20k enough for this? me and my mum will look for supermarket jobs immediately to cover basic living for food supplies and what not until we advance to our preferred career path, probably jobs in business and administration.

really we would like permanent citizenship and we have close friends (non blood relatives basicaly) out in whangarei and rotarua so we would love to be close to them.

is this doable? a plan in our heads is to try and find a place as soon as our compensation is due so mid to late 2013. we do nof live a life of luxury. our current earnings in the uk is 1200gbp per month both parents work full time.

we live in council accomodation sadly so a house sale is a no go. is 20k enough? thanks a lot. Stephen