Hi All,
We are considering a move to New Zealand later this year and I'm starting to think about what's involved.

My primary concern is finding work over there and to a degree that drives where we are thinking of living. We have some experience of living and working in NZ as we stayed in Wellington about 5 years ago, however things are a little different this time around as we have 2 young children and my wife is a full time mother. She's a New Zealand Citizen so visas shouldn't be a problem. We have family in Southland although they are miles away from anywhere.

Their closest city is Dunedin but last time around I found real trouble getting a job as I work in IT, specifically I'm a Senior Business Analyst. I did some hunting but couldn't find anything for a few weeks and on a whim tried contacting Wellington agencies and was offered a contracting role based on a telephone interview within a week.

Given we would like to be close to family a Dunedin role is preferable but I'm not sure how much of my type of work is around and how much it would pay. Any thoughts?

Failing that I was thinking of trying for a contract role in Wellington so we could find our feet. We have a specfic arrival date in mind - last week of September. Is the job market still boyant around then or will we hit the Christmas shut down?

Any advice is welcomed as we have lots of thinking and planning to do!