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Thread: Any dentists on here?

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    Default Any dentists on here?

    I need to get a tooth pulled and bridged, but im looking to be in new zealand in 6 weeks all being well. This means its too late to get the job done in this country as the tooth has to come out and allow time to heal before the bridge is completed.

    Just wondering how much this may cost if done in new zealand? Im applying for a work to residency visa, but im unsure of medical costs while on this visa. I realize that there is free healthcare (nhs style) once residency has been granted, but how does this work whilst on a work to residency visa? Either way as this is a non urgent procedure im presuming I would have to pay anyway as i would in the UK.

    This procedure would cost upwards of 600 pounds on the NHS here in the UK. I can get the bridge made here and take it with me to be fitted which may be an option but does anyone have an idea of comparative dental costs over there so i can make a decision?

    Many thanks


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    Dentists are private in NZ, so your visa status is irrelevant. There's a small mention of some charges here.

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