Me and my girlfriend are looking to come over towards the end of the year not decided on where exactly yet but were open to suggestions. Im 25, a fully qualified bricklayer with 7 years experience and my girlfriemd works in customer services, ideally we would like to continue in these areas but realise it may not be possible. We are wanting to come over for a year or so to see if we like it and possibly stay longer, from what ive read and heard the best option is to go for the WHV and then apply while in NZ for and extension.

ideally we would rather settle in one place rather than keep travelling round moving from job to job is this likely to be possible and are we likely to be able to afford to rent an apartment or house?

looked at a few forums and discussion boards but seem to get alot of conflicting info, any advice and information about job oppourtunities, rate of pay, costs of living etc would be greatly appreciated.