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Thread: Should I Apply for New Passport and Inform CO (INZ) about it?

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    Exclamation Should I Apply for New Passport and Inform CO (INZ) about it?

    Hello Guys

    My passport front page (photo and personal details page) which is scanned every time at airport immigration has been slightly damaged, and it causes immigration officials everytime manually enter my record entry and exist records, they warned me everytime to apply for new passport. I recently got assigned CO and in the middle of the process, is it ok to apply for new passport and share the same details once new passport arrives or should I wait for the process to complete as my passport expires in 2014 and I am still left with 7-8 pages for stamping.

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    It is perfectly all right to get your new passport. Just tell your CO when you have the up-to-date details.

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    Yeah go for it--unless you've got to send overseas and it's gonna take months. Like my Irish one did a couple of years ago (from Canada)

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