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Thread: LTBV business plan financial projections: High or Low?

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    Default LTBV business plan financial projections: High or Low?

    Finalizing my biz plan and am doing my projections for a business I will buy that has been only performing about 40% of its potential. I'm wondering if I should aim my projections on the high side or on the low side? If I aim high but don't perform to the numbers when it is time for residency will that be a problem? If I aim low will my LTBV be turned down due to not performing well enough. As the business runs right now it would not be enough to sustain my family and I but the owner has another occupation and runs it part time. If I ran it the way I know it could be then it will easily make plenty, support 4+ full time and numerous part time employees, and do quite well. My fear is that I will be committed to those numbers and then not be able to gain residency if it doesn't pan out as well as I think it can. Thoughts?

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    Hi Mic

    Sorry did not see this earlier
    I submitted two projections, one showing what i thought we could achieve and one at a slightly lower level, as it worked out they were both higher than reality, but then we never saw the worldwide financial crisis ahead when we wrote them out in mid 2007, Immigration never questioned the figures when it came to Residency, they cannot expect you to get them totally accurate. Who knows what will happen in the next few years.

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