Hmmm , I seem to be drip feeding my questions, but nonetheless, this is how they come up .

So I'm wondering whether it is better as someone from a visa waiver country to come in to NZ on the automatic 3 month visitor visa they give you, and then apply for an extension if I've not been granted my partnership sponsored work visa yet; or alternatively to apply at the outset for a nine month visitor visa ?

The appeal of the latter is that I would have a nice chunk of time stamped in there with which to get my partnership evidence in, but then would I need to worry whether they will say to me at the airport 'why on earth do you want to come in for so long three months is surely enough for a holiday? Or do you think if you have the visa stamp they just accept it and let you in, not questioning you further .....and thereby finding out your evil plans to lurk in the country gathering evidence for the REAL reason you want to be in the country-so you can be with your beloved?

I suppose I feel slight anxiety at the 3 month one -can I more or less assume they will extend it without an issue if I show funds?

Any thoughts on this...thanks again for help and patience !