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Thread: Timeline for skilled migrant application from Auckland

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    Default Timeline for skilled migrant application from Auckland

    Just a post for anyone interested in the timeline for skilled migrant application from Auckland. If your skilled, under 30 with few financial commitments you could probably do something similar.

    3 Sept 2012 - Arrived Auckland with Working Holiday Visa
    5 Oct 2012 - Accepted skilled job offer and started work
    9 Oct 2012 - Submitted Expression of Interest for Skilled Migrants (140 points)
    17 Oct 2012 - Selected from Expression of Interest pool
    30 Nov 2012 - Sent ITA and all evidence for points claimed
    7 Dec 2012 - Request for original (birth/police) certificates
    17 Jan 2013 - Residence visa approved

    Not sure why visa was approved so quickly.

    A word of warning depending on your nationality their maybe restrictions on your Working Holiday Visa which says you can't work for the same employer for more than 3 months. For some European countries they seemed to have abolished this rule. But for Asians or other nationalities with Working Holiday Visa they still have a 3 month restriction on working for the same employer.

    I found the recruitment/interview/job offer process rather slow, so be prepared to wait a few weeks for potential employers to make decisions.

    It was very worthwhile to set-up an NZ mail-box ( or something similar) and NZ phone number ( a few months before I came to NZ. You can then use your NZ address/phone number when applying for NZ jobs while still in your home country.

    Thanks for all the great advice on this forum!!

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