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    Iím from Hungary. Iím a social care nurse since 2001. I worked at hospital dep. Head- Neck Surgery (operating room, ward, medical assistant), dep. Rehabilitation (ward), and dep. Intensive- and Toxicology (ward) and care home. My wife is head of an temporary family home 2-3 years (she has social diplom 12 years). We are 40 years. How much is the wages of the social sector in New Zealand? Have a chance us to work in your country? Validation certificates do in Hungary or New Zealand? How much is the average cost of living in a town, or suburb? Is possible to some study or training? Thank you for the answer!

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    You need to learn your way around the Immigration NZ website, as there is a huge amount of information there. Here's one place to start. (You will see there links to the various kinds of work visa, residence visa, and student visas.)

    Here is another useful starting point. It is a list of qualifications from various countries which have already been checked out and will be recognized. If your qualifications are not here, they will need to be checked individually by NZQA.

    And this is a page from which you can do a Search to see whether your profession(s) are on the Essential Skills lists, and if so, what the qualification requirements are.

    I'm sorry there aren't quick and easy replies to give you. It will take you some time to get your heads round everything you need to know. If you get stuck on any particular topic, it may be worth using the Search on our forum, as there are many old threads which may help. Or start a new thread, and if your query relates to something you've found on the INZ site, please give a link to the page you have been looking at, as this will help people to help you.

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