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Thread: Flying in for a Recce Trip

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    Default Flying in for a Recce Trip

    Hello All,

    Wife and I are planning for a 3 week recce trip starting March 18th. We have a couple of interviews lined up and hoping to get a few more arranged.
    The plan is : Wife stays back if she lands a job or extends her stay by another month to attend more interviews. She has quit her job back here.
    I will attend as many interviews as possible and fly back and resume work to only happily quit if either one of us lands a job.

    If any of you folks come across requirements for a 9+ years Java/J2EE software developer (OH) or a 13+ years IT Project Manager (yours truly), do let us know. We'll grab it with all that we have

    Wish us good luck.

    Many Thanks,


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    Very best wishes.

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    Good luck. If you have any questions please feel free to Private message me.
    : Join LinkedIn group and look at job posting by recruiter s on LinkedIn jobs.

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