Hey there, I'm gonna be moving to NZ within the next year from now. And I was interested in the Long Term Business Visa, and so far everything that's required for getting it is going so far so good but have some questions.

If you own or know about SaaS (Software as a Service), and you run a business with it (preferably from your home), and your clients are based worldwide, what would be the process for myself to making the transition into making sure I can qualify it for that type of Visa?

I can use any recommendations from anyone that would know the process of it. Basically here's my situation,

I'm single, and I run a SaaS business from my house. I'm wanting to move to New Zealand and still run it from there. I have no issues with opening a bank account in NZ either. Servers are based here in the USA, and more than likely they will stay here also. When I do move to NZ, I would want to hire some locals to help run it, possibly hire anywhere from 3-5 locals.

Any tips are helpful, Thanks!