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    I have applied for EOI, Selected for ITA. While sending the documents during the 1st week of Jan and got the status changed to Lodgement Failed. When I checked with CO informed me due to the use of unlicenced immigration consultant this is failed. Required to resubmit fresh EOI. I havnt argued and have accepted to return the documents. Applied for a fresh EOI, Got selected in Feb 20the Pool. Waiting for the ITA .. Any one can advise when can I expect the ITA .. while submitting last time, got the ITA within 16days from the EOI Selection date. Will there be any delay due to the earlier Lodgement Failed? Thnx.

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    I dont think your previous application would be an issue as this is fairly fresh application unless there are some differences in details provided in the 2 EOI's, regardless of it your CO would have got in touch for more information/clarification. Seems like your application is still in the queue as the work load this time might be different than previously. Probably little bit of more wait.

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