Hello Everyone, i got my skilled migrant residence visa declined last month because of the concerns of sustainability of my employment and now i am thinking about giving my Resignation because i used to live in Dunedin and i moved to Auckland in the hope of finding a good job and get my residency. But after my refusal i am thinking about moving back to Dunedin because since i came here i don't know why but i am not liking it here. And back in Dunedin my gf, who is a nz citizen wants to sponsor me for the work permit. I know i cannot apply for the residency visa straight away as we r not living together for the last 12 months. But my question is whether i will be able to get the 1 year permit or not. And in the future if i am going to apply for the residence visa through my partner , would my previous declined application going to have any effect on my application.

Thank you,