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Thread: Anyone purchase an existing business as route to NZ?

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    Default Anyone purchase an existing business as route to NZ?

    Hello from the US!

    My family currently owns and operates an "earth moving" business in the US. This business was started in the mid-70's by my MIL/FIL and is now owned by my MIL, BIL and my husband. The business is doing very well and we are actually in "expansion mode" right now as the busy season starts and we have additional contracts. With that said, we are very concerned with the state of the economy of the US, the direction our country is taking and the value of the US dollar. We have been looking at opportunities overseas and have found some businesses for sale in Australia and New Zealand (same type of work we currently do).

    I see posts where people have started their own business but has anyone purchased a business in NZ and moved their families? I would love to hear from you if you have or are in the process of doing so. Exploring all our options... Thanks!


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    Yes, you can buy an existing business and I know of people who bought existing business and moved their family to NZ

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    This may help you

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