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Thread: IQA outcome did not match what was asked in ITA.................

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    Default IQA outcome did not match what was asked in ITA.................

    Hi All,

    I was asked in ITA that my IQA should be "Bachelor degree (Level 7) specialising in Information Technology (Computer Science, Information Systems or other Information Technology)".

    I applied for IQA and got 2 Assessment as following.

    1- Bachelor of Science degree at level 7 (360 credits) --------------- (Assessment against my 3 years B.Sc. (Hons.) and 1 year M.Sc degrees)
    2- A Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management Qualification at Level 8 (120 credits) ----- (Assessment against my 2 years degree of MBA-MIS).

    I need to know can I still apply and submit my ITA with the above outcome of IQA??

    please help.

    thanks and regards

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    Hi Mehmoodm

    If you were claiming extra points for qualifications in an area of LTSS/ASS AND without those your EOI would not have been selected then your ITA is likely to fail. (If you don't need the extra points or if you did have a job offer you can possibly still proceed).

    You have posted several times about your BSc and been asked what the subject of it was, I can't see that you've ever answered the question. It looks like you have got a generic outcome, which means NZQA don't think your BSc is equivalent to the qualifcation needed.

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