We're interested in moving to the Kapiti coast area of Wellington, probably no further than Plimmerton. This would be dependent on my hubby getting a job in a local school, but if he does and we do move there, I will probably still need to look for work in central Wellington.

From previous posts here, I got the impression that the commute by train would be reasonable (bearing in mind that I commuted from one end of London to the other for 5 years, so don't mind a bit of a journey). However, a Kiwi friend who used to live in Wellington tells me that the trains aren't particularly reliable.

Can anyone living in that area with experience of commuting by train confirm / deny this? Or can anyone recommend an alternative nearer to the centre? We've got our hearts set on Welly as we loved it when we visited, but we'd also like to be by the sea in a reasonably priced area, with a reasonable amount of space around us! I have to admit I've not visited the Kapiti Coast area, so my image of it may be totally wrong...