HI folks. I emigrated here 7 years ago and live in the Bay of Plenty. I am a highschool teacher. I am returning to the UK, to Newcastle in July and I am doing a bike tour around Scotland and would like to ship my bike( this I will buy back there) back to New Zealand as they are way cheaper in the UK. I only ride on the race track here so I would be looking to maybe bring a race bike over or a cheap road bike so I can fully convert my road bike to race only.

However, the cost of shipping the bike individually negates any benefit of buying it in the UK. So, if anyone will have some space in a continer Id happily help with some cash and give any help and advice re the re emigration process too

I have 2 sons, one still in High School, the other now married and about to have his first kiddie. My wife works for the local council.

Life is very different here, so if you move here and expect it to be like UK but with different weather, think again. We love it here and would not move back to the UK. Any questions, let me know

thanks guys....

heres hoping someone has some space!