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    Default Please reply!!!

    I applied SMC as Developer Programmer (261312).
    Recently, I was granted JSV from Immigration New Zealand.

    If I get another ICT job such as Software Tester (261314), is it OK to get Resident Visa or not?
    Should I get just a job of Developer Programmer to get Resident Visa?
    As ICT members know, Developer Programmers involve a wide range of tasks like architecture, coding, and test.
    Please answer and thanks in advance.
    David Shin.

    ICT jobs :
    ICT Project Manager (135112), Organisation and Methods Analyst (224712), ICT Business Analyst (261111), Systems Analyst (261112), Multimedia Analyst (261211)
    Web Developer (261212), Analyst Programmer (261311), Developer Programmer (261312), Software Engineer (261313), Software Tester (261314), Software and Applications Programmers nec (261399), Database Administrator (262111), ICT Security Specialist (262112), Systems Administrator (262113)....
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    I'm afraid there have been situations when INZ/CO look for exact matching terms. Is there a clause in your JSV which mentions about the role at which you should work? (The reason I'm asking is that once I had NZ work visa on which I had my designation as well) I'm not sure but when you go to Immigration to convert your JSV to Residents visa - would they not check the designation at which you have worked. Someone with similar experience would confirm this probably.

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    As Sun says, it is usually said that you need to find a skilled job offer, skilled in the career you put forward in the ITA. To find out whether the two careers you are talking about are near enough to count for INZ, I think you'd need to ask them.

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