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Thread: Sent all Docs but without degree certificate

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    Default Sent all Docs but without degree certificate

    Hi All,

    I have sent all my qualification documents as per the requirement.
    Only thing I could not send was my Degree certificate. Since I have applied for the same and it is going to be a while before I get it from the university. I have however provided my BCOM Marksheet & Passing certificate to support the same.

    Ms.Angela Liu of NZQA wrote back today saying that they need me to send the degree certificate as well.
    So I wrote back to her saying that I had provided my passing certificate which is proof enough that I have appeared and cleared my BCOM exam.

    I also mentioned that the Degree certificate is in progress and that it would be a few months before I actually receive it from the university. I have also attached a scan of my fee slip that I have for the application of Degree certificate.

    While I await her reply, would this be something to worry about?

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    Hi there, Just wanted to check if you got any reply and what was the outcome....i am in a similar situation...thanks for any info

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