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Thread: IQA listing original and cc documents

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    Default IQA listing original and cc documents

    having a fun Sunday afternoon completing the NZQA form for our IQA's and I'm puzzled over 1 point.

    Step 6 is where you put in the documents, however you only have the possibilty to say you're joining an original. If I've successfully attached an image you'll see what I mean :

    For example, for proof of ID we've certified copies of our passports. At the moment I've typed in the description "certified copy - passport" but I still have to put "1" in the box for original count as it doesn't save it otherwise. They're not originals so I feel like I'm misleading NZQA.

    What do you think? Is there somewhere else to list cc documents?
    I've not dared click on "print cover sheet" yet, perhaps there's a place there to list cc documents?

    And linked to this - for the qualifications that we wish to be assessed I've ticked we're including the certificate and the transcript. However I've also a curriculum and other bits and pieces of supporting evidence...where can I list these documents as I don't have the possibilty to add extra documents for this section (if you refer to the drop down list in the image).

    How did other people get around this?
    Do I do a second, personal "cover sheet" to list the certified copy documents/other documents I wish to submit? Thought a CV might be useful too.
    Thanks for your input

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    As for certified copies, just tick 'Original Count'. I did the same thing & my assessment completed without any issues.

    I didn't include syllabus/curriculum or cover letters. I just used their customized 'Cover Sheet for QRS IQA Application'

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