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Thread: How to progress new products to market

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    Lightbulb How to progress new products to market

    I've designed a few innovative products and have a few more great ideas on paper. I was a finalist in the Bright Ideas Business Challenge but only the winner got any real help. Most of the business/entrepreneur start up groups require lots of $'s to access, and patent attorneys also cost a bomb leaving this poor designer stumped for ideas or places to go to get his products off the ground.

    Wouldn't it be great if there was somewhere, where great ideas / products could be evaluated and may-be fast tracked into business's with the help of entrepreneurs and financiers.

    Anyone else have great ideas or products. or information on help manufacturing / marketing new products.

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    I keep hearing ads about Auckland Chamber of Commerce where established Entrepreneurs & businessmen devote their time to mentor budding Entrepreneurs. Yes protecting your products and concepts is quite expensive but I read on IPONZ website that NZ is the cheapest compared to rest of the world. Since last December, NZ has been part of WIPO so you can Trademark/protect your product with single application here in NZ. I'm not sure if that helps but I hope you find some investor - what's the product group that you are aiming at? Who knows there might be some investor in the forum itself

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    You can talk to Lightning Lab, it is a startup incubator in Wellington and also operates in Auckland. It's backed by Webfunds and my impression is they are well connected to the VC circuit in San Francisco as well.

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