Hi all,

My friend and colleague here at Vic needs some help for her PhD study...

In this research Iím looking at how cultural transition affects peopleís identity. When moving to another cultural we have to deal with a lot of challenges in our everyday life. Experiencing and learning new cultures, values and societal norms can be very exciting but at the same time both socially and psychologically demanding. As an immigrant myself Iím also experiencing this process. This is why I find it important to better understand how immigrants cope with difficulties, learn and gain information in a new culture, and most importantly develop their identity during cultural transition.

If you decide to participate in this completely anonymous study, it will take approximately 30 minutes of your time and it will help us to gain a deeper insight into the identity processes of people in multicultural contexts.

In addition to your invaluable contribution to cross-cultural research, you will also have the chance to go into a lucky draw for five $100 Amazon vouchers.

To complete the following survey you must:

∑ have been born outside of the country where you currently live
∑ have come to the host country when you were at least 16 years old
∑ be living in the host country no longer than 2 years
∑ be at least 18 years of age

It doesnít matter where they are from and where they currently reside. If the person is an immigrant and speaks English, she/he is welcome to participate.

To participate in this research, just click on the following link (or copy the link into your browser):


Note that the link allows you to come back to the place you left off, so you can either complete the survey in short bursts or all in one go.

Thank you so much for your help!

PS. Yes, I'm still working on my own analysis, don't worry I won't forget to post my results here first!