Myself and my sister are moving to NZ on a 1year WHV from Ireland. We are leaving in early June and stopping over in Thailand for approx 2 weeks on the way over. Spending most of our time in the islands. We then fly to Auckland.

As it will be two seasons we are packing for (Thailand humid) (NZ winter) i would really appreciate some help on what clothes to bring. If someone has done this before can you tell me how many shorts,tops,jeans jumpers,boots,jackets etc you brought and is it possible to get cheap enough clothes in NZ eg is there an equivalent to Pennys/Dunnes (Primark/Target) out there?

I was in NZ 7 years ago and from what i remember the clothes were not that cheap. Just wondering if things have changed since then. I find packing for a sun holiday really stressful at the best of times and end up bringing way more than i need so i just dont want to make the same mistake again and end up with a over loaded backpack! Backpack size is 60 + 20 litres.

Thanks for any advice/info you can give