I've spent enough time reading this forum so thought it may be time to contribute

I have received 4 quotes for a sole use 40' container London to Auckland from the usual suspects. I'm shipping the contents of a 2 bedroom apartment and car mid-July. I will insure with Letton Percival.

After receiving the initial quotes I asked them all for a revision and to include a complimentary 25kg air freight shipment door to port. AngloPacific and PSS have reduced their prices by approx. 150. MoveCorp insist I send the quotes from other companies and I didn't ask Pickfords since their price is already low and they will load some additional items into the container without charging. So the quotes are:

AngloPacific 5150
Movecorp 5687
Pickfords 4649
PSS 5281

What widens the gap is that we will need approx. 1 month storage and some companies have additional charges. So with shipping, 4 weeks storage and one off warehouse handling fee they become*:

AngloPacific 5597
Movecorp 6199 + 35 for a TV shipping crate
Pickfords 5080
PSS 5582 shipping + 75 for a TV shipping crate

*The storage fees are approximate and based on a measurement of 1000 cubic ft. and an exchange rate of 1.7 GBP

Some observations have been:

Helpful but cannot provide me with a price to transport our car to the vehicle testing station for its entry certification

Expensive when storage is factored in. The coordinator hasn't been particularly helpful so far. Has anyone used them this year?

Very cheap and have been helpful. They went into administration in December 2012 for a day. Has anyone used them since January 2013?

Offer 4 weeks complimentary storage BUT you will have to pay a warehouse handling fee of NZD$273.00.
The only company to offer to quote to transport our car to the vehicle testing station for its entry certification

So, if anyone can provide me with some feedback RE: Pickfords and MoveCorp that would be great. I will keep you updated with any changes