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Thread: can i apply for Australian residency?

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    Default can i apply for Australian residency?

    Hi all

    I recently got my nz residency and i lived in OZ for 7 years so was thinking to apply for ozi residency as well but my friends told me not to unless i get nz indefinite. is there a problem? will they cancel my nz residency?


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    I believe Oz residency visa is not related to your NZ visa. You can apply for it anytime you want and it would take same amount of time/effort.

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    If you eventually want to have NZ permanent residence, you have to fulfil certain conditions. I don't know what the requirements are for Australian Residence, but it's certainly possible that meeting those would clash with what is necessary for NZ PR, so you need to check it out.

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    Australian permanent residency would have nothing to do with your NZ residency, and you shouldn't be bothered about your NZ residency if you are able to obtain Aussie residency. Aussie residency, in a way, is NZ residence, as all aussie permanent residents and citizens (with some exceptions) are granted "residency on arrival" in NZ.

    But you have to remember, you should only leave NZ once you are approved for residence in Australia. I would imagine, by the time, you get a decision on your aussie residency application, you would be eligible to apply for indefinite NZ residency, anyway, if you would have lived here long enough.

    All the best.
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