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Thread: should i do?or should i not?

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    Default should i do?or should i not?

    hi,can anyone give there opinion on pets.should i do all the stuff to get the dog/cat over to nz? also we in uk so when the bloods are done it takes round 6mth right so do they have to be in nz afew wks after that?or is there a longer time frame? we been told we hav a yr frm after the bloods for the dog are done,what has been your experince on this frm the uk anyone? info needed....we going to see the vets next wk i just would like other peoples knowledge on this..and which company did u use?would u recomend a certin one?..

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    People speak very highly of Golden Arrow. If you talk to the company, they are experts and can answer all your questions about details.

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    Phone up Golden Arrow and ask for a full quote and details, they should be able to tell you exactly what you need to do and how much it costs. It is an expensive business shipping pets to NZ. There are other companies too which do this, you might want to get different quotes. I would ask the pet shippers rather than the vets, they have far more experience. Once you have the details you can go to the vets for information about prices from them.
    All sounds even more complicated now.

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