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Thread: Random - But Heating Pads?

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    So I am kicking myself for not bringing my fantastic moist heat, reheatable heat packs with me that I bought from a chiropractor years ago in the states. That said, I am in need of a heating pad - reheatable, electric, etc. Just not the use one time and throw away that gets offered to me when I go to any pharmacy. I have searched on TradeMe and have only come across electric heating pads that cost $120-$150 (*gasp* - sorry I have sticker shock sometimes still). Are electric or good reusable heating pads in existence here? Where would I look to buy one? And... is it called something different here? I have found many times when searching for something I had no clue what the NZ equivalent name was! Or are my options pretty much the instant heat packs or a hot water bottle?

    Sorry it seems like a silly question, but could use some help Thanks!!!

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    The 'hottie' or hot water bottle is as iconic as Marmite! You can get one for about $8 at Warehouse or any pharmacy (but you'll pay more there). We (Kiwis) all grew up with hotties warming our beds on a cold winter night. I still prefer one to a heating pad - there's something about the weight of it on a sore neck - and great for cramps! A hottie probably retains the heat for about the same amount of time as the type you're looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suz View Post
    Or are my options pretty much the instant heat packs or a hot water bottle?
    Another option that I like is those heat pads that are basically a bag of rice (or wheat etc) that you heat up in the microwave.

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