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Thread: NZ immigration | My 17 month daughter accompanied by her grandmother

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    Default NZ immigration | My 17 month daughter accompanied by her grandmother


    I am currently in wellington on a work visa and my 17th month old daughter is arriving to wellington accompanied by her grandmother next month. She has got a visitor visa (dependent child category) which is usually the one given for small children who join parents who are work visa holders. My daughter's visa validity is on the same lines as my visa.

    Since we will not be accompanying our daughter, is there any document that needs to be carried by her grandmother for entering new zealand. Please note that the entire scenario which I mentioned above was explained in my daughter's and her grandmother's visa application and both of them have got their visa's without any problems. Thanks in advance

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    In your place, I would send the grandmother a letter that she can carry with her, stating that you, the child's parent, are entrusting her with care of your daughter, and have asked her to bring the little one from India to New Zealand for you. In case there is any query from authorities either upon leaving India or arriving in NZ, she can show this, and if it has your contact details on it, they can phone you in case of any problem or need for reassurance.

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    Similar to what JandM said, it would be a good idea to contact INZ and seek clarification. On an unrelated note, don't forget to carry baby's Immunization records, as Plunket nurses may want to see it.

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