We have just been granted in principle the Investor 2 visa. Currently we are given a 1 year temporary work visa to explore investment opportunity in NZ. The resident visa will only be approved once the investment fund is transferred.

We have planned to move to NZ in Aug 2013 while holding this temporary visa. Will we be charged custom duty for importing household items into NZ?

Here is the visa granted.
Visa Type Passport Number Expiry Date Expiry Date Travel Number of Entries
Visa Work XXX 06 Jun 2014 06 Jun 2014 Multiple

Visa Conditions
When entering NZ, stay is subject to grant of entry permission. You must leave New Zealand before the expiry of your visa or face deportation. Evidence of financial support not required. Return/onward ticket not required. The holder may work as self employed for undertaking work relating to the transfer to and investment of approved nominated funds in New Zealand.