first of all thank you for this forum. I already found a lot of useful information here.

I would like to know what are the conditions for WTR visa.

1. If I get a job offer from accredited employer - do I have to work whit him for 2 years or can I find a new job?
2. What are the traveling conditions related to this visa?
3. Are there any other condition worth mentioning here?

Because if I get a job offer I would first apply for WTR (due to faster approval) and also for SMC (EOI points would then be over 140). However in case the salary would be more then 90k is there a point in applying for SMC since I could (after 2 years) on WTR also apply for PR?

Because I also read that my partner can also get a work visa, and that my child would (if we get a student visa for her) be treated as domestic children. So I am not sure if there is any point in applying for SMC (of course in case your salary is above 90k).