Hi Guys

I had an interview for a role in Christchurch.

I received an email from the employer that

"We are certainly interested in you as a candidate for this abcd role...."

"Our usual practice is to meet people in person before we offer them a position. Do you have any plans to be in New Zealand? If so, we could take the opportunity to meet then."

What am I supposed to assume? I consulted few of my families and they think its not a job offer, but I can be sure of getting a job.

Because I am on SF JSV and I required to enter NZ before Dec 1.. I had initially decided to come to NZ in end of Nov, get my passport stamped and return to my country in a weeks time, submit my resignation, and then return towards mid January (the cost of air fares would have been easily overshadowed by my income in December and January)

I am in a little bit of dilemma .. not sure on what steps I shud be taking ...

On the flip side, I did reply to the employer stating that I will need to submit my resignation to my current employer before making the trip (because my 9 month JSV will be activated)
And also asking him whether they are actually offering me the role..

p.s. can i apply a separate visitors visa and come to NZ (despite the fact that I hv the SF JSV) .. LoL!..