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Thread: Work Visa based on partnership. Help with advise

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    Default Work Visa based on partnership. Help with advise

    Hi my name is Galina, i have nz residency for seven years now. Me and my partner met last year, have been leaving together almost for a year in nz. he was applying for student visa which was refused due to australian problems. Then two days latter we applyed for partnership visa with section 61 refused again. Now he had to leave and apply overseas, week before i found out that i m pregnant, straying in nz all by myself no support at all, have business but can't even work at the moment. we applying for work visa based on partnership at the moment ( his in Ireland ) do you thing pragnancy is a good reason for nz immigration? i gave him lots of letters and avidance of us living together, fotos and etc. No idea what to do if they say no again. Were planing to get married in Europe but things changed now) will get marries as soon as can. People say that pregnancy doesnt usually make big difference

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    If Immigration had concerns about his current or previous immigration status in Australia I would expect that those issues need to be cleared before Immigration issue a visa; though INZ always have discretion to make an exception. Was he legally in NZ when he appealed for a s61 visa, if he was legally in NZ, then that could be why your application had no result.

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    This must be a worrying time for you. You will have to allow time for all the investigations of the new application.

    Don't forget to keep gathering evidence of your continuing contact with your partner - emails, mobile phone records for both of you, records of any financial matters from one of you for the other, etc.. You have a very solid reason for being apart (his visa ran out and he had to leave NZ), but you will need to show that your relationship is still being maintained.

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