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Thread: Spouse working based on Skilled Migrant Visa

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    Default Spouse working based on Skilled Migrant Visa

    Hi There,

    I'm a UK citizen with an American husband, submitting an EOI under the Skilled Migrant Category, with my husband included on my EOI. I was hoping someone could clarify a couple of points about which I'm confused:

    - Does his inclusion on the EOI count as application under the Family Stream.
    - If this is correct, are we right in thinking this means he cannot work? (as it says here
    - If this does not count as an application under the family stream, does this mean he is entitled to work?

    Thanks in advance

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    Assuming you get Residence, so will your husband. Anyone with Residence can work, not work, start a business, study - whatever they want.

    I don't know where you got the idea from that link that people under the Family Stream (which your husband won't be, anyway) can't work - it only says that those in a particular range of circumstances can't get a work visa.

    If your partner holds a work visa for more than six months we may grant you a work visa for the same length of time your partner is allowed to work in New Zealand.

    ... However, you are not eligible for a work visa if your partner's work visa:
    is a special visa that allows them to work in New Zealand until we verify their claim of refugee status
    was granted under one of our working holiday schemes
    was granted under the Pacific Quotas Residual Places Work Visa instructions
    was granted under the Crew of foreign chartered fishing vessels instructions, or
    was granted under the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Work instructions, or
    was granted under the Skilled Migrant Category Job Search instructions.

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